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Inside exitfive | Do Nurture Sequences Work? How to Become a Better Copywriter and Why Brand Matters in B2B

4 Apr 2024
Inside exitfive | Do Nurture Sequences Work? How to Become a Better Copywriter and Why Brand Matters in B2B

Show Notes

Dave is joined by Peter Mahoney, CMO of GoTo. Prior to that, he was the CMO at Nuance Communications and later founded Plannuh, which was acquired by Planful.

Peter is the author of The Next CMO: A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence, a book that teaches you how to form marketing goals, create a strategy, build a plan, craft impactful campaigns, optimize budgetary spending, and measure true ROI.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Why Peter got back into the game as CMO after being CEO at Plannuh
  • How he landed his role at GoTo
  • What his strategy has been coming into a new company as CMO (and a company that has been around for a while)
  • How do you make changes in a marketing org?
  • What does his team look like at GoTo? What are they focused on?

Peter is a master at marketing strategy and execution, and this episode will teach you a lot of that. Enjoy.


  • () - - Intro & balancing business and personal aspirations
  • () - - Journey to being a CMO
  • () - - Navigating company restructuring
  • () - - Streamlining marketing operations
  • () - - Expectations for rapid change in marketing leadership
  • () - - The importance of role transition
  • () - - Navigating layoffs and leadership
  • () - - Past mistakes in hiring practices
  • () - - Embracing diversity for better problem-solving
  • () - - Strategy: Navigating resources, blind spots, and team dynamics
  • () - - How to balance strategy and execution
  • () - - How to build long-term vision and short-term plans in marketing
  • () - - Brand strategy
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