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Career | How to Navigate Early-Stage Marketing and Your Compensation Package (with Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich from MKT1)

21 Mar 2024
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Show Notes

Kathleen Estreich and Emily Kramer are the co-founders of MKT1. They advise founders, recruit and advise marketers, and invest in SaaS startups, and join Dave on this episode of the Exit Five podcast to talk about early-stage marketing strategy and hiring (Kathleen and Emily have held roles at Facebook, Box, Intercom, Scalr, Asana, Carta). They also have strong opinions about marketing compensation and how to understand your comp and equity package if you're a Seed or Series A marketing leader.


  • () - Intro
  • () - Guest Intro: Kathleen Estrich and Emily Kramer, co-founders of MKT1
  • () - Early Stage Marketing Compensation and Benchmark Insights
  • () - Hiring First Marketers: Traits and Skills to Look For
  • () - Building a Marketing Team: From Hiring to Scaling
  • () - Equity Compensation: Understanding and Negotiating Your Stake
  • () - The Role of a Marketing Leader: Hiring, Building a Brand, and Setting Strategy
  • () - MKT1's Mission: Supporting Marketers in the Startup Ecosystem
  • () - The Future of Startup Marketing and Compensation Trends
  • () - Advice on Career Growth and Navigating Startup Challenges

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