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Inside exitfive | LinkedIn Personal Page vs. Company Page, Marketing Generalist vs. Specialist

11 Apr 2024
Inside exitfive | LinkedIn Personal Page vs. Company Page, Marketing Generalist vs. Specialist

Show Notes

In this new regular segment of the podcast, Dave and Matt (Marketing Manager at Exit Five) share this week's most popular topics, lessons, and learnings across the community. They cover:
  • Whether you should focus on the company or personal LinkedIn pages
  • What the CEO can do to grow their LinkedIn profile
  • When it's acceptable to be a marketing generalist, and when you should specialize
  • Why money matters in relation to career happiness

PS. We’d love to get your questions and feature you on this podcast. Have a hot topic, a burning question, or just want to say hi? Send us a voicenote at, and we will feature you on the show. Emails are fine too, but a voice note might get you on the pod :)


  • () - - Intro
  • () - - Company or Personal LinkedIn page
  • () - - How to Maximize Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  • () - - CEO Interviews for LinkedIn Posts
  • () - - Writing Frequency Recommendations
  • () - - Marketing Generalism vs. Specialism
  • () - - Balancing Recognition and Compensation in the Workplace
  • () - - Empowering Employees: Advocating for Fair Compensation.
  • () - - Dealing with Workplace Frustrations and The Bigger Picture

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