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Solo parenting
#E5N 001
My wife is under the weather; she's fine but she's in the basement away from us and I've been on solo parenting duty with the kids this week so I'm...
Dear Founder re: LinkedIn
#E5N 002
Founder: I am having a hard time hiring marketers. Me: Are you active on LinkedIn? How often do you talk about what you’re doing there? Founder:...
Double down on what you're good at
#E5N 003
Double down on what you’re good at. That’s a timeless growth hack. Personally. As a company strategy. As a marketing team. We spend a lot of time...
Don't build a marketing team
#E5N 030
Marketing Team vs. Media Company There's this concept I've been sharing for a few years now. I say it in different ways at times, but this is pretty...
Blame the CEO
#E5N 004
Blame The Founder/CEO If your brand has nothing to say, don't blame marketing. Blame the Founder/CEO. There's a reason why Andy Raskin told me he...
Why don't they measure anyone else?
#E5N 005
They love to drown us in metrics, but... Have you ever noticed this? When it comes to management level reporting and internal strategy discussion,...
Marketing backwards
#E5N 006
I like to do marketing backwards. And start with the audience first. Marketing and sales are about the feedback loop. The quicker you can get...
LinkedIn vs. PR
#E5N 007
LinkedIn vs. PR. You could pay a PR agency $10k/month to write and place articles in publications that few of your actual customers will ever read....
Community for B2B
#E5N 008
Community Is The #1 B2B Marketing Trend Community is the most important trend to understand and try to harness for your business today. Smart...
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