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"It's the best B2B community on the web (I did a lot of research, I don't say it lightly), no spam, and lots of real engagement. He should raise his prices."

- Kevin B.

"Exit Five is ChatGPT for B2B marketers (but better). You can ask the community any marketing question and get thoughtful answers (much like ChatGPT). Here’s why it’s better. The answers come from experienced marketers that have done it before (not a robot). People that understand company politics and BS. I’ve even booked follow-up calls with the people answering my questions and picked their brains. I get advice that typically costs $000s for $20/mo. Dave Gerhardt's ExitFive community is a huge reason I’ve been able to elevate my marketing career. Anyone that hasn’t joined is already behind the pack."

- Matthew C.

What Do Exit Five ™ Members Get?

Tap Into The Wisdom of 3,000+ B2B Marketers

The Exit Five community has become one of the top resources for B2B marketing pros looking for a sounding board outside of work.

You can post questions, join discussions on topics covering everything from hiring to strategy to internal marketing, and get feedback on vendors and agencies.

Exit Five can be your sounding board. A community of B2B marketers who have been there or are doing the same things you are.

"I’ve been in @davegerhardt’s marketing group (DGMG) for a few months now and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my marketing education. I have a bachelors in marketing." - Connor K. 2/2021


It’s Like A Library Of B2B Marketing Questions & Answers

If you have a question about B2B marketing, it’s probably already been asked in the Exit Five community.

In addition to posting questions and joining in on discussions, you can flip through the group's history to help you find answers about everything from ABM to MQLs to budgets to everyone’s favorite marketing memes.

Plus, the community has a dedicated iPhone and Android app. And because it's hosted on Circle, threads are easy to navigate and search for exactly what you need.

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Valuable new posts each month
from B2B marketing pros


Past posts on everything from
ABM to SEO to vendor selection


B2B marketing peers to share feedback, validation, and inspiration

Level-Up as a B2B Marketer

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Exit Five: Where B2B Marketers Go to Connect, Learn, & Grow

checkIncrease conversions with feedback from copywriting pros.

checkAsk your stickiest questions and get tips from marketers who’ve stood in your shoes.

checkRead reviews from vendors, agencies, and technologies that you can leverage.

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Your Ticket to Exclusive, Premium Content

check-1Join a community of verified Account Executives, CMOs, and Growth Leaders.

check-1Gain access to strategies and campaigns that are generating millions of dollars for high-growth companies

check-1Leverage practical tips and insights from dedicated professionals and thought leaders.

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Take The Next Step In Your Career With Real-World Advice

checkLearn from real industry leaders about what it takes to move up in your organization.

checkGet tips for dealing with a stubborn CEO who doesn't "get" marketing.

checkNetwork and make meaningful connections with top-level industry professionals.

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Exit Five is the Place for B2B Marketers Who Want to
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Here’s What B2B Marketers are Saying About Exit Five

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“This group has completely shifted my perspective as a B2B marketer. Every professional level and position in the space exists in this group - making it a veritable brain trust for those who are serious about their career. I can’t thank you enough for creating this lively, engage group for us to grow.”

kellie davis
Kellie Davis

Senior Content Strategist, Impact

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“Max value with minimal investments. Many marketing maestros are in the Facebook group and all the queries you have get responses quickly. Dave himself answers a lot of valid questions. This is one of the best, most sorted marketing groups that I have joined. I found it difficult to figure out my way in other groups.”

suneeta munjuluri
Suneeta Munjuluri

Product Marketing Manager, GrowthX

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“Want to know a secret?!?

This is for B2B marketers but it’s a cheat code for B2B sales people and entrepreneurs too. Highly recommend!

An amazing group!”

henry johnson
Henry Johnson

Strategic Account Executive, Oracle

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“I've learned so much from this space! It constantly inspires new ways of thinking and it's great to hear from others in the B2B space.”

kelly thibodeau
Kelly Thibodeau

Principal, Squarely Social

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“Such a helpful community and SO MUCH VALUE for the cost of a few coffees a month. No brainer to join us 🚀”

bianca dragan
Bianca Dragan

Head of Brand, Paddle

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“I’ve gotten SO MUCH VALUE from this group. Inspiration for campaigns or strategy, and advice when I’ve felt overwhelmed. Made some great connections too!”

matthew holman
Matthew Holman

Head of Growth,

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