What is Exit Five?

Exit Five is a B2B marketing pros paradise filled with
resources to help you grow your career.
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A private community of your peers.

Connect with other members, ask questions, participate in AMAs, and get valuable feedback from peers. Learn from active B2B marketers who are leading high-growth companies.

This is the only piece of Exit Five you need to join. All of the other content and resources we mention below are available for free to the public! 

Resources Available from Exit Five

Every Day, Hundreds Of B2B Marketers Are Active In The Exit Five Community:

  • Seeking help from seasoned and well-known B2B marketing pros when they’re stuck.

  • Asking their peers how to best implement marketing software for maximum ROI.

  • Participating in live AMAs to learn from experienced B2B marketers at industry-leading brands.

  • Posting their latest work for critique and feedback to level it up.

  • Finding freelancers, external consultants, or agencies to complement their in-house team.

You need answers now.

That's why Exit Five is a community, not a high-priced course teaching concepts and theory. It's not a shot-in-the-dark Google search that gives you the most "optimized" answer instead of what you need.

The Exit Five Community helps you shortcut the
learning & growth curve.

Traditionally there have been three ways to improve your B2B marketing chops:

Gain experience

Learn, experiment, and absorb information over 5-10 years.

Pay for courses

Shell out your own money for high-priced courses heavy on theory, not on application.

Randomized learning

Google searches and YouTube videos showing content optimized for search, not for learning.

Instead of:

Waiting 5-10 years to gain experience...


Paying for courses that are heavy on theory but light on application...


Googling for answers or watching random YouTube videos...

You can:

Learn how to make an impact NOW


Get the answers you need now from B2B pros who have "been there, done that"


Learn what plays to run from experienced B2B pros who've been in your shoes

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B2B Marketing wisdom, templates, and winning plays to draw from.


Learn from experienced pros who understand and have overcome your struggles.


Gain inspiration from exclusive campaign templates, copy, and creative.


Get critiques to raise the quality of your work.


Hear how today's B2B marketing leaders made their mark and rose through the ranks.


Make valuable connections with your B2B marketing peers.


Valuable new posts each month
from B2B marketing pros


Past posts on everything from
ABM to SEO to vendor selection


B2B marketing peers to share feedback, validation, and inspiration

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Created by me, Dave Gerhardt. I've been in B2B marketing for a decade working in marketing leadership roles at Drift and Privy. Today I'm spending my time building a community of B2B marketing pros to give you the resources outside of work I didn't have available to me earlier in my career.

The story behind the name Exit Five

Living in Boston my wife and I would always escape to her parents house in the woods in Vermont and I grew to love it and Vermont became a place of inspiration for me during my career. I would be stuck on work things all week, but in Vermont going for walks, sauna, golf, hiking, being off the grid, that is the place I would find clarity and get inspiration. So much so that my Mother In Law will joke "what new ideas are you going to come up with this weekend?" To get to their house you get off at Exit Five. So that's where it comes from. And my hope is that Exit Five in the digital form can be that type of place where B2B marketers can get unstuck and inspired with new ideas.

Join Exit Five Today

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Actionable advice from real B2B marketing pros.


Constructive feedback on your campaigns and copy


Access to thousands of archived discussions from 2+ years of community history.

Explore and engage with the community for 7 days and get your money back if it's not for you!

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