Exit Five Podcast

Dave Gerhardt (Founder of Exit Five, former startup CMO) and guests help you grow your career in B2B marketing. Episodes include conversations with CMOs, marketing leaders, and subject matter experts across all aspects of modern B2B marketing: planning, strategy, operations, ABM, demand gen., product marketing, brand, content, social media, and more.


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"Must listen for all marketers!"

"Dave Gerhardt and his talented guests talk all things marketing, giving you the tools you need to get hands-on with your business. The best part is these tools come from fascinating people who have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show with Exitfive - keep up the great work!"


"Sharp. Relevant. Actionable."

"DG has a way to bring up viewpoints and tactics that make you say, “DUH! I feel like I knew this all along and somehow hadn’t connected these dots.” It makes listening to this podcast is like listening to that mentor that makes you feel like you’re the one coming up with your own solutions. Check it out for yourself."


"Smart, Relevant, Insightful"

"DG does a great job making marking so accessible and insightful to this CEO desperately trying not to mess it up. Easygoing, conversational and smart. I love tuning in - always a highlight of my day."


"My go-to commute podcast."

"Every episode of Exit 5 has been interesting, thought-provoking, and valuable to my work. I find myself leaving the office and heading straight for the Exit 5 page to listen to the newest episode on my way home - I cannot overstate how much this podcast has given me new ways of thinking about B2B marketing. It’s a must listen for anyone getting their feet underneath them in the field. Thank you Dave!"

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